FAQ - Art

Can anyone be a member?

Artists are welcome to join enartium by submitting the artist membership registration form. However , not anyone who submits a request is accepted, because joining our online art gallery depends on the quality of the artwork. After submitting a representative will contact you to explain everything.

How am I advertised on enartium art gallery

After being accepted on our online art gallery you will soon have your own profile with links to your social media channels and your personal statement-bio. Your artwork is presented on our online gallery and shared with thousands of designers, collectors and art enthusiasts who are encouraged to contact you directly.

Does enartium take any commission when selling my artwork?

Enartium takes no commissions and only charges a flat support and advertising fee

Do i have to sign a contract?

There is no specific enquire commitment. You can cancel anytime. Of course there js a personal agreement which you accept in order to be safe and protected.

If i want to update or make a change am I charged?

No there is no extra charge or additional fees for changes. You are only charged extra when updating a package.

After submitting a request to join will enartium communicate with me?

We pride ourselves on quick response time,so a representative will contact you immediately after submitting and guide you through the next steps

If i want to upgrade, is it possible?

Yes you can upgrade to a higher package anytime. You can just contact us and we help you to complete the upgrade process.

How will enartium visitors find my artwork?

After joining enartium online art gallery you become a verified member and you have your own profile in the artists directory. Your artwork is shared on our social media channels and through newsletters to thousands of art lovers. Your name is searchable from the artist search box.

How do I place my artwork and images?

After completing the verification process a representative will be in touch and recieve through email everything required. We will then upload to your artist page.