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Réna King

Her portrait work, especially reflects the subject’s essence and manifests their energies through vivid color palettes and design.

Réna King is a 21 year old artist who is originally from the Caribbean island of Barbados and is currently based in Long Island, New York. Her interest in art was established from infancy and cultivated over the years. Réna developed her creative touch and artistic taste through various media and techniques.

I am a 21 year old woman from Barbados. I was raised in New York and am finishing up my college career at Dartmouth College with a major in Studio in Art and minor in African American/African Studies. My mother and I emigrated from Barbados to the United States at the age of four. I have sometimes struggled with my identity as a black woman in a country that my roots are not tied to. This has led me to focus on complex ideas rooted in immigration by painting people of color while simultaneously portraying a diversity of blackness within the Diaspora.

I derive a lot of my recent work from concepts of my Caribbean heritage and black history. This focus on black bodies and our stories has been crucial to me as people of color are not often the subject of portraits within the context of fine arts. My work is focused on telling stories in vibrant, expressionist and colorful ways. I want to encourage viewers of my art to think about unseen black narratives and due to this lack of representation,  I am redefining what it means to be black in a contemporary art space.

Réna’s Barbadian roots  enforce her commitment to sharing how the narratives and artworks from across the Diaspora have impacted her creative vision. Keeping true to her style, Réna blends abstract and realistic elements to maintain and cultivate her own individual voice and artistry.

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