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Rebecca Lucher

My paintings encompass a multitude of lively patterns, line work, layering, and vibrant colors. Patterns and bold coloring can be attractive to the eye, but also can be overstimulating.

Rebecca Lucher is a New York-based contemporary artist. She is a multimedia painter and illustrator. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from The State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, concentrating in Public Relations. She currently resides in her hometown of Wantagh, located on Long Island, NY. Lucher's most recent works represent mental spaces. With the use of vividly intense colors, uncanny, jarring figural elements, and line work, her paintings tell the tale of her experience living with anxiety. She describes her recent paintings as collages of emotion, as they include a multitude of elements arranged in an abstracted realm to depict her emotions. Her process of creating work begins with impulse and is often unplanned.

Paint first, think later. This is the process of how I develop most of my work. When painting, I let my subconscious make the decisions. My paintings embody an extension of my soul, thoughts, and mental states. My work lives and changes as I do. Intuition guides my art. Images appear on my canvas and the work responds. I put down what I feel at the moment, then continue to take away and cover what does not resonate as the process goes on. The more recent works I have created depict the ongoing and ever-changing relationship I have with anxiety. Living in an age of limitless options to some seems liberating, for me, it is often limiting. Endless choices become paralyzing and anxiety-provoking. Ultimately, many people believe that there will be a “perfect” choice, but there almost never is.

 My paintings encompass a multitude of lively patterns, line work, layering, and vibrant colors.  Patterns and bold coloring can be attractive to the eye, but also can be overstimulating. The worlds and subject matter I create depict slightly jarring and uncanny images. I juxtapose this by using vigorous and energetic colors in order to create a unique atmosphere and mood. My paintings create their place and space in worlds representational of our own, yet I stray from the use of natural tones. I enjoy adding surreal figural elements in all of my creations, often with slight abstractions. While the form for my work is founded on realism, the colors are immensely oversaturated. For me, the figure represents the intersection between subconscious mental states and physical reality.  Each layer placed or removed evokes a different state of mind. During the process of creating, I learn more about myself. Making art is an outlet for me; it allows me to visually express how I am feeling, whether I am aware of the emotions I am portraying or not.

Lucher has expanded her practice in the art world as an intern for The Art League of Long Island (2018), Woodstock Film Festival(2019), and currently for Michelle Sakhai Studios(2020). Rebecca took part in a two week London art seminar, which explored various art museums and galleries. She is a member of the nationally recognized Lambda Pi Eta Communication Honor Society and has held a place on the Dean’s List from 2016 -2020.  Rebecca’s work has been exhibited at, Gap In The Clouds senior thesis exhibition, the home of the president of SUNY New Paltz, NY –  2017/2018, FotoFoto Gallery, Huntington, NY – 2016, The  Legislative Building, Albany N.Y.  –  2013/2014, The Annual Nassau All-County Art Exhibition – 2014 and 2016, and the Art In Our Hearts Portfolio exhibition – 2014 and 2016.

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