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Officialafrovenus makes the connections, fill in the gaps and it mirrors the times and the situations in which I find myself. A sense of spirit, pleasure and beauty to my core. I want to be part of the creative world and to that subject matter I try every step an arrival, and so, in this way I deploy my array of influences into the paper either from the old masters as well as contemporary artists.

I am a seeker and I face challenges in order to gain new backgrounds over the Arts field. I absolutely love this quirk world and I gaze upon the aesthetics of the mundane things because is vivid and a simple inspiration to sought after.

My artworks are the culmination of this overall vision inside me and I try to convey them
onto the real world. I discern things more plainly from this point of view rather than a
conventional artist perspective. I do things deliberately, based upon my own experiences,
skills, imagination and daily artistic wander. Such fantasy a challenge and adventure itself.
I just wanna do the job with large purpose and integrity. To put my oeuvre out there
roaming free with bright confidence and high expectations.


In a nutshell, I pay big attention to the creative universe and its several variations. I believe
that what comes from the soul is more important than anything else. As for my personal and
artistic side it is what embellishes my spirit and propels the rebel artist forward. Is what I
aim towards people in the midst of this colorful jungle.
With my works I intend to touch people and make them wonder and fantasize about it.

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24,5 x 32

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Graphite, black ink, and oil on paper.

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Black ink, sanguine, and oil on paper.

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Pencil, colorful pencils, soft pastels, and indian ink on paper. 27X28cm

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Graphite, charcoal, smudge, and oil on paper. 21×30

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