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Salvador Dali inspired my individuality, George Condo inspired technique precision, Takashi Murakami is a genius with color usage.

Christiann Naylor has been inspired by art for the better part of her life (24 yrs of age) 6 years ago is when she and those around her realized she had promise, something different. She focuses on Geometric Abstraction but puts a modern twist on it. By focusing on silhouettes she learned to develop an algorithm to both get her message across while still incorporating abstract appeal. Being inspired by Salvador Dali's individualism she too focuses on being the name sake of modernized geometric abstraction.

My art is my life. It saved me. It woke me up in the morning and set a bed time for me. It taught me when to eat and how progression works. It’s still teaching me patience but above all confidence in myself. It showed me who supports me and who couldn’t care less. It’s invested in my betterment so In return I constantly invest in my art.

My Goal is to make NaylorPaints LLC a household name. This is my very first business and I am starting from the ground up.

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