Hanne Margaretha Biedilæ - Art

Hanne Margaretha Biedilæ

Hanne Margaretha Biedilæ is a Norwegian ceramic and visual artist based in Fredrikstad, Norway.
She is educated in Denmark and Norway. Her works has a wide range and includes ceramic
sculptures, objects, installations, paintings on canvas or paper from small to large sizes and works
on large canvas in mixed media technique. She uses sosial contexts as inspiration for her works of
art and the expression can be both figurativ and abstract.
Hanne have worked in her own workshop/studio and run different galleries alone and in multiple art
collectives since 2006. She has curated exhibitions for other artists and herself, and been a
member of the exhibition committee of various art societies in Norway.
Hanne hold interactive art courses for public services, privat companies and private individuals in
techniques as ceramics, paint and drawing.

My artworks are influenced by the complex relationship between humans and the surrounding
world. I am fascinated by emotions and use my inner voice to uphold a social and universal
I capture these emotions and thoughts through ceramic sculptures, objects, drawings and
A main concept that I approach in my artworks is the feminine universe. I explore the definition of
femininity and the surrounding expectation to the «eternal feminine- eternal youth». I also explore
the relationship between men and women in society in relation to gender equality and female
My paintings are often colorful with expressive or powerful brushstrokes. My ceramics work are
often without glaze, minimalistic glazed or with acrylic painting, stains or organic medium.
I use different clay and burning temperature in my ceramic works and often coarse cotton canvas
or linen canvas when I paint.

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