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There had to be a Digital way for artists to Grow and Promote their work online, so we created it.

" Enartium Platform is your gateway into the ever growing online art market . "

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Superior results start with superior digital representation

Do you want to really know what makes artists sale and succeed in the online art market?It’s hard work and talent but it’s not only this.
They are the most valuable and will always be. But your digital presence as an artist it’s what drives sales. We now live in a digital era and that’s what makes the difference.

How everything started

Back in 2018 we came up with the concept of an ideal online art platform that will provide artists the opportunity to get visibility into the art community.

Soon we developed a strong network with a lot of requests providing premium quality services based on artists needs and represented all different types of styles from artists globally.

We are a group of visionary people, with accumulated experience of 10 years, ready to fulfill your ambitions. Our purpose is to liberate artists from commissions and give you the chance to increase your web presence and reputation.
You didn’t dedicate your heart into art to stress over money (quite the opposite) so we’ve got that covered. Arranging everything so you sell your art with safety is our part—you do yours.
We are with you every step of the way into the online art market. You have now the chance to enter the most creative online art platform and generate sales without paying commissions. 100% of sales goes to you as it should be.

The three pillars of winning in the online art market

Since the secret of winning online is great social media promotion you will quickly realize how important is to actually do the right things and get advised by experts. On Enartium you will be guided carefully through the steps you have to take to be represented successfully online.
Effective techniques, engaging posts and tactful captions are the first things you have to take care of. Social media are constantly transforming, but fear not, we are here to guide you.
It’s no secret that promoting your art is bringing you closer to your goal: selling your art.
It has never been easier to be promoted and represented online. In the past this was a problem because of the small knowledge of digital. This is no longer the case.
Our mission is to help you effectively promote your art and get your work sold.
Did you know that after corona virus lockdowns purchasing art online skyrocketed by 45%? Did you know that by 2021 over 55% of artwork will be sold online? People want to buy art and buy must find it in the right marketplace. We show you exactly how to emerge into the online art market and reach collectors and buyers.

Let us simplify things for you.

Over 1000 pieces were sold since 2018. There is not enough caffeine on the planet to get you through all of that this weekend. So let us help you out. We would love to take you by the hand and show you the most important techiques that will help you succeed in the online art market.

You can spend the next weeks or months to roam online and to be frank that will absolutely worth your time. But we would rather point you to the exact techniques that help you get what you need to succeed. Because you will get the exact right guidance and you can immediately start implementing it. And that’s what will get you the results you want.