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5 Tips to Help your Bussiness if it is Slow

Tough times! The horrific tragedies of recent weeks have further weakened our already faltering economy as unemployment rises and recession appears likely. None of these trends bode well for the art market. Selling art is never easy, even in the most robust of economies, and at times like this, it can seem nearly impossible.


If you sell through galleries, representatives or agents, find out how their businesses are going. Ask whether sales are holding steady or decreasing. Find out whether or to what extent the weak economy is impacting their sectors of the art market. Those who represent or sell your art don’t usually volunteer this sort of information unless you ask– so ask. At the very least, addressing these topics shows your concern for their well being.

When their news is not good, assure them that you’re prepared to make your art more attractive to buyers. Offer price reductions, time payments, or other incentives that your dealers or agents feel would encourage people to buy your art in spite of ongoing market weakness.

2.Why don’t you ”rent”  your art?

Rent your art. If you can rent out twenty works of art, each for $20 per month, that’s $400 per month that you wouldn’t have if that art stayed in your studio. Rent mainly pieces that you’re less likely to sell outright. You don’t want to tie up salable works that can generate significant dollar amounts in short periods of time.

3.Be creative as much as you can

All artists possess skills and abilities to convey emotions, arouse feelings, explore sensitive issues, and make powerful statements with their art. Rather than seeing tough times as obstacles to career success, consider them as opportunities to tap into your creative strengths and reserves. Experiment with new subject matters and techniques, advance your art, and impact viewers’ lives in ways that you’ve never been able to before. At times like this, we all do our part to stand firm, build character, and keep ourselves and our nation strong.

4.Managing your work!

First things first, make sure that you have all your contacts and their information all in one place. Scan through your contact list for duplicates and missing information. Do you have all of your contact information up to date? If you are missing information, reach out to contacts. Let contacts know about what’s new in your art practice, and ask for their new address, phone number, or other missing information.

5.Stay in touch

Being a part of a larger creative community gives you sustained connections, support, inspiration, and enjoyment. Being an artist is not a solitary experience. Get out of your studio to enrich your art-making. Engaging creatively outside of your immediate practice helps you to keep working and thinking within your art practice.

Go to a gallery opening. Read up on current art events in your city. Find an artist group to join. Propose a collaboration with an artist you respect. There are an unlimited number of ways to connect with other artists and to engage with your creative community.

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