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5 Marketing Tips for Artists

Maybe you’re wondering how to find more buyers for your artwork or deciding if a blog is worth your while. Or, you’re simply in the market for some fresh art marketing ideas.

1.Social Media!

During our interview with Nan Coffey, she told us she’s interacted with tons of “rad” people from around the world–people she’d never have met if it weren’t for social media. Her words of advice to other artists: “If you haven’t already, set up your social media. Just start showing your artwork and getting out there.” Nan recently reached out to her 12,000+ Facebook fans and asked them to tell her about themselves. She incorporated 174 of their answers into her latest project. Check it out below!

2.Show your art

If you were to ask any artist about the power of social media marketing, it should be painter and Huffington Post #TwitterPowerhouse Lori McNee. Lori recommends sharing your artistic world with your fans. She states, “You need to focus on building your personal brand, then you can market it. Share your personality, a little bit about your life, and what you’re creating in your art studio.”

3.Love what you do

The more art you make, the more you’ll discover the type of art you most enjoy making. Knowing your favorite subject and favorite style of painting or drawing may sound simple (and easy) but it’s a key first step to successfully marketing your art. Why? Because you have to love what you do if you want others to love it too. You have to be passionate about what you’re creating. And you need to be willing to commit to hard work and long hours before you ever see success.

All that is much easier to do if you actually enjoy what you’re creating. And your passion for your art will translate to buyers and collectors as well.

4.Find your target group

This second step is a little more difficult, but just as important. Once you discover what type of art you want to create, you need to identify the people who are interested in that type of work. The easiest way to do this is imagine all your potential clients or collectors represented by a series of concentric circles.

The people who are like you are in the center. If you like horses and like drawing horses in a realistic style, then people who like horses and realistic art are going to be at the center of your target market..

5.Follow the money!

This step may sound crass, but it’s still true. People who don’t have money can’t buy art, no matter how much they like it. Art is not a necessity; it’s a luxury. So you need to market your work to people who have sufficient income to afford some of the luxuries in life. Especially if you want to sell your original work.

If some of the people in your core market don’t have the money to spend on art and the inclination to buy art, you may need to look elsewhere. Sure, these folks may know people who are able to buy your art (never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth) but make sure to spread your marketing efforts to those who can actually buy. Oh, and one other thing: Don’t market to other artists. Most of them want to sell, not buy, art. You can share your work with them, but don’t expect a lot of sales.

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