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4 Tips to Get Back into the Studio

Imagine that you are the only artist in the planet! No, that’s not good. Artists to give you tips on what’s working for them; people you could support in their artistic endeavors who would also be supporting you. Think about what this could do for your art business!

1.See others’ work

Let’s face it, there’s nothing new under the sun. No matter what you like to paint or draw or sculpt, I assure you it’s been done before in an infinite array of forms. But know this—no one can do it quite like you. Your means of expression is uniquely yours. Looking at other artists’ work never fails to inspire me. I might get an idea for a new color palette or a new way to define an eye or a petal and right away, the neurons start firing and I’m off, imagining how to incorporate these revelations into my own body of work. Looking at art is not only an inspiration, but it’s also a hedge against stagnation.

2.Set goals you can reach

I’m never sure how I feel about New Year’s resolutions. While a new year is a great time to look back and then set goals for a fresh start, it can also add a lot of pressure, and there’s nothing fun about starting a new year with the anticipation of failure, which, let’s face it, is the fate of most New Year’s resolutions. As our own worst critics, we artists definitely don’t need more reasons to feel guilt or shame over what we’re not achieving, which is why I try to be very careful to set achievable artistic goals.


Almost every artist struggles to share their art in some way. Some are too self-conscious about mistakes to show their art to anyone, some paint abundantly but never frame anything (thus it hides in a closet and can’t be displayed) and some dream of going professional but haven’t reached out to a gallery or made goals to show their work. There is great reward in sharing your art with others even though (or maybe because) it feels so vulnerable and risky. Join a painting group, start an Instagram account, or post a painting in my peer group painting page on Facebook. Set a goal to frame a painting a month, or approach 3 galleries by a set date, and then make it happen without procrastinating!

4.Putter around the studio

Step into your creative space, whatever that is right now, and start puttering around. Skirt the edges, neatening up a stack of watercolor papers or tossing dried out gouache tubes. You’ll soon find unused blocks of vinyl for that series of linocuts you always wanted to make or you’ll trip over a half-finished, problematic painting that you’ll suddenly see the perfect solution for.

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